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About CAN

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Where:  DeKalb County, Georgia, USA.    

Who:  A network of DeKalb neighborhood leaders
Presidents & and board members of central DeKalb's Civic, Neighborhood and Resident Associations and those who lead civic-minded groups in neighborhoods without such associations.  Past leaders may continue to be active with C.A.N.

What: A forum for the purposes of sharing the load and learning from each other

  • Sharing knowledge about civic issues and political processes
  • Sharing experience in civic association management

How: Communications
  • e-discussion: via
  • Meetings: Face-to-face meetings (4th/last Wednesdays, open to subscribers)
  • Website: reference materials & calendar
  • Joint events: occasional, special purpose
  • C.A.N. never takes a stand on an issue or a candidate, though subgroups of its participants may choose to do so in their own names.
  • Join the Discussion

Civic leaders from DeKalb communities are invited to request access (subscription) to CAN's discussion.  Click on "Join" (above) to create an email. INCLUDE in that email: (1) your NAME,  (2) the NAME OF THE CIVIC GROUP you lead/represent, and  (3) YOUR ROLE in that group.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your request to join.
In subscribing to the CAN's discussion group, you are agreeing to the RULES  of this non-partisan, non-profit discussion, as follows:
  • Postings must be relevant to civic issues and/or managing a civic, neighborhood or residents association in DeKalb County, Georgia.
  • No postings supporting or opposing any candidate or political party are allowed.
  • No commercial postings are allowed.